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The Vigilant


Our democracy is under attack. It has been under attack for quite some time. Rather than stay home and complain. This is our way of trying do something. This is how you can help.



The Vigilant is a platform for bringing together defenders of Nigerian democracy.


The Vigilant Institute is a political advocacy and social activist group. Our primary purpose is to involve the youth in social issues and the democratic process. There is this nonchalance that seems to be over every young Nigerian when referring to Nigeria; an “every person for themselves” idea. We are here to break this mindset and show the millions of people that we CAN help, that we CAN be the protectors of this land we call home.
The Institute is primarily focused on four areas: Healthcare, Education, Criminal Justice and Politics. Our role in and plans for these areas are explained in detail below.

One of the biggest problems in Nigeria. Millions of people everywhere can’t afford to pay for basic health items, young girls can’t get sanitary pads and end up using unhygienic methods to stop blood flow. And we all see those people near hospitals with claims of unattended relatives in said hospitals, and they are unattended because they can’t afford hospital fees. These fees are usually on the low end, 5000, 10000 naira and the fact that the life of anyone can be so cheap is heartbreaking. Now, most of us don’t pay attention to these people on the road because we think they’re fraudulent. Be that as it may, there is no denying that these issues exist and Vigilant is very intent on contributing whatever we can to solving this problem. That is why we are starting the Universal Healthcare Initiative:

  • The Universal Healthcare Initiative is a plan to connect people that can afford anything and people that can afford nothing.
  • Registered members will donate [a minimum of] 500 naira monthly to the Initiative and this is piled up as a wealth fund for the Initiative.
  • Members that are doctors can volunteer to give free monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly checkups to the poor.
  • We will partner with hospitals that will have access to this wealth fund so that the less privileged can go to those hospitals and be attended to.
  • If members want to use the healthcare initiative too, the minimum monthly donation is either 2000 naira or getting 3 new members to join the initiative + 1000 monthly.
  • The more people join the more effective the plan is. If we get only a million people to register, that’s a minimum of 500 million naira monthly, which can be assessed by millions of people in the target areas.

The most important sector in any state, a failed education system is really the bane of progress. Public Schools are in tatters and this is really a baton we must pick up. Some schools are horrid and children learn in the most difficult situations. No, it doesn’t build character and we must do better. Here are some of the ways that Vigilant wants to help:

  • Go to areas with public schools and go to homes in these areas and get monthly donations/pledges from those areas.
  • In an area of 1000 people, 500 naira monthly donations translate to 500,000 monthly. We can fix walls, buy textbooks, build tables and chairs.
  • Members can register as volunteer teachers in these public schools to teach subjects in private schools. We can then use the NYSC program effectively.
  • Just like the Universal healthcare initiative, one of the big dreams of the Vigilant is to build libraries that house all kinds of books where children everywhere can come and read and learn.

There are hundreds of people in Nigerian prisons that have never gone to trial or are there because their cases was treated horribly by an inadequate lawyer. Nobody deserves to be prison illegally, especially not in Nigeria. We must do what we can.

  • Vigilant hopes to provide free legal services to these people so that their cases can be treated fairly.
  • We want member lawyers to register as volunteers to treat these cases pro-bono.
  • We also want to work with the NYSC to get young, fresh-out-of-school lawyers sent to us so they can help in these cases.

We must never forget that this is our democracy. In a few years, the baton of responsibility will fall in our hands and while we are eager to pick it up, we must also be ready. We must have our ideals, we must have debated amongst ourselves the issues of morality that we show. We must also participate in a variety of political events. No more “my vote doesn’t count” or “my voice doesn’t matter”, the thunder of an audience shouting can be isolated into individual voices, without whom the shout would be impossible. In this way are we also important to the democratic process, rather than acquiesce to the whims of the current political class, we must form our own and force them to bow to us. We are the people and if the government will not come to us, we will go to the government, in full force.

  • Identify potential political candidates whose ideals we believe in and support them by donating to their campaign, and volunteering our time to help run the campaign in all the political zones in Nigeria
  • Come out for protests on designated days
  • Volunteer to conduct exit polls at polling stations to verify the vote count of all the people
  • Volunteer to watch ballot boxes and give updates to the people so we can verify just how free and fair the elections are.



Filled by..



To elect..



To Govern..



To Govern..







These are ways we need you in this battle for the soul of our democracy.





We can never have too many volunteers to.

  • Conduct exit polls at elections to verify election results.
  • Volunteer writing skills (and other skills) for articles that we can use to stir the people about issues and candidates.
  • Volunteer to help educate masses of the different issues.
  • Come for protests! March! Share the message. Let's get a million people!


Funding is key. And we are very transparent

  • To help areas of distress e.g. IDP camps
  • When we find candidates that we support, we want to be able to support them in everything
  • Adverts and announcements on radio and other traditional forms of media.
  • Protests can be tricky, we don't want people thirsty and hungry on the march. Help!


If you've got any questions, you can fill the box below or alternatively, tweet at us or send us a message on Facebook!











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